Breastfeeding friendly Scotland early learning scheme

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Breastfeeding learning resources for non-clinical staff.


The vision is for Scotland to become a breastfeeding friendly society, valuing breastfeeding and supporting mothers and babies to breastfeed wherever and whenever they wish. These 4 modules will help you to understand how important your role can be in supporting families within the early years setting.


To contribute to social and cultural change by promoting an environment where breastfeeding is seen as the biological norm for feeding infants and young children.

  • To promote an environment where breastfeeding is seen as the biological norm for feeding infants and young children.  
  • To promote informed infant feeding choices and promotion of responsive formula feeding.
  • To support mothers wishing to breastfeed on our premises.
  • To adopt a Breastfeeding and Returning to Work policy to assure pregnant and breastfeeding employees that should they wish to; they will be supported to continue breastfeeding on return to work.  
  • To be aware of local services where breastfeeding families can access support and information and to signpost families to this support if desired.
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