Launch event - Development and education framework for level 2-4 NMAHP HCSWs

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NHS Education for Scotland (NES)

Development and Education Framework for level 2-4 NMAHP HCSWs launch event held on 23 February 2023 Timestamp 00:00-00:45 - Introduction 00:45-07:36 - Message from Chief Nursing Officer 07:36-10.23 - Background to HCSW commission and framework development 10.23-15:08 - 4 Pillars of practice and using the framework to support role and personal development 15:08-20:02 - Healthcare Support Worker perspective 20.02- 27:12 - Organisational perspective 27:12-32:36 - Educator perspective 32.36-37.52 - Partnership working with further education

Published: 13/03/2023

Publisher: NHS Education for Scotland (NES)

Keywords: Frameworks; Learning Resources; Events; Pillars of practice

Type: Video

Audience: Clinical healthcare support workers (audience); Nursing, midwifery and allied health professions (audience)

CC License: Attribution, non-commercial Creative Commons License