High Impact Change 5 – Rapid Acute Assessment and Discharge

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Rapid Assessment and Discharge (HIC 5) focusses on moving from an ‘SDEC Model@ to the new Rapid Assessment and Care (RAC) model, optimising flow by increasing the proportion of patients on a 0 day Length of Stay or short stay pathway.


  • Moving from 'SDEC' model to new RAC model by default rather than recieving units
  • Optimising patient flow by increasing the proporation of patients on a 0 day LOS/short stay pathway
  • Moving from an 'admit to assess' model to an 'assess to admit' model 
  • Alternative pathways to prevent admission to downstream ward areas
  • Introducing senior clinical decision making earlier in the pathway 

To find out more visit: HIC5 Rapid Acute Assessment Discharge - Home (sharepoint.com)