What's new in August 2022

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Find out about the important new features and functionality that have been released for Turas Vaccination Management in August 2022.

23rd August 2022

Release, 1134, Version 2022.08.17.1.

Relocation of the Vaccination Dose Date

This change relocates the vaccination dose date selection to before making the product selection. The vaccination dose date is prepopulated with today's when the application is used in real-time so most users, may not notice the change. However, for those users completing a historic incomplete record they will now need to enter the vaccination date before the vaccine products are displayed.

The reason for this change is to support a future enhancement that will enable the ability to restrict the products displayed to those available at the date of vaccination.

Relocate Vaccination Dose Date
9th August 2022

Release, 1124, Version 2022.08.04.1

Removal of eligibility question

The programme clinical governance group advised that there is no longer a requirement to record patient eligibility at the point of vaccination so the question has been removed.

Updated offline forms are available to reflect this change.

2nd August 2022

Release, 1120, Version 2022.07.29.1.

Clinic List – Export to CSV

It is now possible for these user roles to export the Heath Board's clinic list to CSV.

  • Devolved System Administrator
  • Devolved Administrator
  • Devolved Clinic Administrator 


User List – Export to CSV

It is now possible for the Devolved System Administrator to export the Heath Board's user list to CSV.