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The National Endoscopy Training Programme (NETP) will provide accelerated workforce training to increase the number of endoscopists in Scotland, providing the clinical capacity needed to address endoscopy and cancer waiting times.

What we do


The following are programmes with content hosted on Turas Learn.

Other NETP programmes and courses

NETP Programmes (opens in new tab)

  • Immersion Training
  • Basic Endoscopy Skills courses
  • Train the Trainer Course
  • Upskilling for Colonoscopy
  • Endoscopy Non Technical Skills (ENTS)


Endoscopy video resources

Endoscopy video resources

Additional resources

NHS Scotland Academy

The NHS Scotland Academy is a partnership between NHS Golden Jubilee and NHS Education for Scotland to offer accelerated training for a wide range of health and social care roles and professions.

National Endoscopy Training Programme (NETP)  (opens in new tab)