What's new in June 2022

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Find out about the important new features and functionality that have been released for Turas Vaccination Management in June 2022.

21st June 2022

Release, 1069, Version 2022.06.1.1.

3 travel vaccines enabled

Cholera, Hepatitis A, and Typhoid are now enabled allowing the devolved administrators in the Health Boards to add these vaccine types to existing vaccination clinics or create specific travel vaccine clinics.

In addition, the travel vaccines will take advantage of another recently released feature that allows the manual entry of the batch number at the point of vaccination.  ‘Other’ will be a selectable option from the list

Other batch number manual selection


Selecting ‘Other’ will prompt and enable the user to enter the batch number used for vaccination


Other - Enter Manual Batch Number

A new travel vaccination offline form is also available.

13th June 2022

Release, 1069, Version 2022.06.1.1.

Ethnicity free text response optional

Free text responses are now optional as per directive from the Scottish Government, this has resulted in the removal of the ‘Show all’ ethnicity options feature.


Additional Vaccine Types Supported

The Turas Vaccination Management tool is continuously being updated to support other vaccination programmes.


The vaccine types supported by the tool are listed below.

Vaccine Types Supported