Digital Skills User Research

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This webpage is updated regularly so please check back for new information.


The Digitally Enabled Workforce (DEW) team within NHS Education for Scotland are working to support the development of digital skills and capabilities across health and social care in Scotland.  This includes housing organisations, charities, health and social care partnerships, health boards, social care organisations, and care roles in local authorities.  

To do this we are working in collaboration with many different stakeholder groups across these sectors, including NHS national and regional boards, Health and Social Care Partnerships, Scottish Social Services Council, Scottish Care, Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations, Local Government Digital Office, and the Scottish Government.  

As part of this programme, we want to make it easier for the health and care workforce to find and use online learning materials that will help them build their digital skills and improve their confidence with technology.

User Research

To understand what the Scottish health and care workforce need and want from improved access to digital skills learning resources we undertook detailed user research between May and July 2022.  Working with research company Capgemini we ran an online survey and carried out a programme of one-to-one interviews and focus groups.

The DEW team would like to express sincere thanks to everyone who took part in the research, particularly those who volunteered to be interviewed or participate in a focus group.

The research work finished on 05 July 2022 and we are now able to share the research findings. 

The information in the full findings report (Digital Skills User Research Report June 2022), which you can download below, will be valuable to anyone working in the health and care sector so please use this information to help inform your work.

For more details on the survey the Digital Skills User Research Survey Responses document (also available for download below) summarises the questions asked, and the responses given.

We are currently working on our next steps, taking the findings and recommendations from the user research, and using these to shape a centralised library of learning resources for digital skills.

If you have any questions about the research, please email