Deliberate Practice

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Endoscopy Simulator

Information on the endoscopy simulators can be found on the below National Endoscopy Training Programme (NETP) page.

Skills Clubs

In-hospital Skills Clubs have been promoted within Core Surgical Training (CST) to facilitate regular practice of practical skills such as suturing, hand-tying and bowel anastomosis. They are part of a wider drive to move training culture toward an expectation of deliberate practice and competency prior to patient contact. Having set this expectation through the CST the aim is to continue this into higher surgical training. To be effective there must be scope to include new skills to challenge the higher surgical trainee, or low frequency skills that need to be maintained. Examples could include laparoscopic suturing, bile duct exploration or more complex anastomotic techniques.

Robotic Simulator

Scottish Government is investing in several robotic systems for use within general surgery. While initial training will be focussed on established consultants it is expected that over time trainees will also require training in this new modality. Simulators are in-built within the robotic platforms and should be utilised towards the end of Phase 2 in a manner similar to endoscopy simulators, or as part of a wider Skills Club format.