PDA in Technology Enabled Care

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The Professional Development Award in Technology Enabled Care (PDA in TEC) at SCQF level 7 has been developed in partnership with employers and industry so it is suitable for the current sector.

The qualification has been designed and developed to support Scotland's Digital Health and Care Strategy Enabling, Connecting and Empowering: Care in the Digital Age. The strategy promotes the concept of supporting people to live, learn, work, participate and flourish in an ever-changing digital society. Workforce education around technology enabled care is one of the key ambitions of the strategy.

What is the Professional Development Award in Technology Enabled Care?

Professional Development Awards (PDAs) extend or broaden professional or vocational skills and are linked to National Occupational Standard and this PDA has been designed to be delivered as an online programme focussing mainly on self-directed study with support from assessors and online group sessions. However, the majority of learning will be gained through experiences and from doing research to build up evidence of Professional Development.

You can find out more about the PDA in TEC by downloading the Frequently Asked Questions, Group Award Specification or viewing the presentation below.

Application Process Now Closed.
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Application process now closed.  Successful applicants will be notified by Tuesday, 5 September. Due to the tight timescales applicants must confirm acceptance by no later than Sunday, 10 September as student enrolment begins week commencing 11 September 2023.

Download a copy of the application form and guidance below:

Before sending your application, make sure you understand this qualification has been designed to be delivered as an online programme of mainly self-directed learning in a virtual learning environment with support from a group tutor. Much of the work will be gained through your own experience and research,  providing the opportunity for you to develop underpinning knowledge for your assignment submissions.

You must also meet the following criteria:

  • Read the PDA in Technology Enabled Care information on Turas Learn including the FAQs document.
  • Be employed in a frontline role in social work, social care, health or housing organisation, including those working in care at home or care homes, across the public, private and third sector.
  • Agree to complete the 2 units – Working with Technology Enabled Care and Using Digital Technology to Support People in Health, Housing and Care. We are not offering funding for other units currently.
  • Obtain line manager support.
  • Digital skills to complete an online qualification. Training will be provided for the virtual learning environment.
  • Access to a laptop or desktop computer and Wi-Fi to submit online assignments.
  • Attend a mandatory online induction and lesson session.
  • Complete the award in an 18 week semester. 
  • Complete an evaluation when requested.
  • New to TEC...... complete the learning module Introduction to Technology Enabled Care.

Good luck with your application, contact the team at nes.dew@nhs.scot for further information.

Who is it for?
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The PDA is for people who are new to or have an interest in technology enabled care. Those who want to develop and advance their knowledge, skills and abilities in this ever-changing field of practice.

This award contributes to the progression of candidates in their Continued Professional Development in the field of Digital Health and Care.

Candidates may use this award to show future or current employers evidence of their achievements and to enable them to progress in their careers.