AHPs day careers Q&A

A careers Q&A session has been organised by NHS Education for Scotland.

AHP Careers Q&A Event: 14th of October 2021
AHPs day

To celebrate AHPs Day, on the 14th of October 2021 a careers Q&A session has been organised by NHS Education for Scotland. This will involve a panel of Allied Health Professionals responding to questions about AHP Careers which have been sent from anyone considering a career in one of the AHPs. This will be hosted on YouTube on 14th of October 2021.  

In the lead up to the event there will be posts on Instagram and Twitter. These posts will also provide links to useful information about these careers on the NHS Scotland Careers Website. The hashtag #AHPDayScot will be used. These posts will come out from the @NHSScotcareers page on Instagram and twitter with the following timeline: 


Wednesday 1 September - AHP roles awareness post 

Thursday 2 September - AHP Day awareness post 

Monday 6 September to Friday 17 September - AHP roles spotlight on specific professions + request for questions 

Monday 20 September - questions deadline at 4pm 


Monday 4 October - video answers deadline at 4pm 

Wednesday 13 October - social media posts scheduled to promote the day 

Thursday 14 October - AHP Day 2021- posted on YouTube 

Questions can be sent in via social media (Twitter/Instagram) or they can be emailed in to ahp.practice.ed@nes.scot.nhs.uk. All questions should be sent in by 20th of September.  

Information about AHP Careers can be found at: https://www.careers.nhs.scot/careers/explore-our-careers/allied-health-professions/ 

Have a look at some of the activity you might have missed on Twitter. Keep an eye out on @NHSScotcareers for more posts to follow:








Career Promotion Resources

Speech and Language Therapy  



Occupational Therapy

You will find information about what Occupational Therapists do and how to become one, as well as stories and videos from Occupational Therapists about why they love their career. The Choose OT website is the resource that we share with people interested in becoming an Occupational Therapist, including school pupils.  

  •  Resources for careers talks  

RCOT: We also have resources on our website for people wanting to promote occupational therapy careers. These include guides and presentations for giving careers talks in schools and videos of  occupational therapists sharing their career stories.  

Therapeutic Radiography


Prosthetics and Orthotics 

 Healthcare Education England Careers Resources 

 The WOW Show 

NHS Scotland Careers Resource pack