Non-medical cystoscopy

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This is a new and evolving site that will be informed by ongoing engagement with key stakeholders, to best support non-medical cystoscopists in Scotland. 

This site will be of interest to all involved in urology nursing and cystoscopy delivery including those in urology support roles, people considering training and advanced practitioners with more established careers. 


Site contents
Patient in bed staff looking at screen with urology scan results

This site will host: 

  • Guidance notes and links to application for future non-medical cystoscopy programmes 
  • Presentations from events 
  • Literature reviews and resource links 

Please contact us and share what type of educational resources could add value for you.  Contact the team at

Non-medical cystoscopy 'Bootcamp'

The development and utilization of 'bootcamps' and simulation days have been integrated with the wider non-medical cystoscopy education programme. It is anticipated that this cross-discipline simulation based intervention will help accelerate learner preparation and build on established practice to support role adoption. 

A poster, explaining the drivers, rationale and steps involved in the implementation of the approach, has been developed and shared at both the recent British Association of Urology Nurses (BAUN) Conference and the NHS Education for Scotland (NES) conference. A link to the poster is available below in case you missed it.  

BAUN poster - Nurse Cysto | Turas | Learn (

BAUN Poster - Nurse Cystoscopy