Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) Learning Programme

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A range of resources are available to guide you through new pregnancy screening pathways, NIPT implementation, roles and responsibilities and information to support you in supporting parents.

Furthermore, babies who are diagnosed with Down’s syndrome, Edwards’ syndrome or Patau’s syndrome are included in the Scottish congenital and rare condition register which is maintained by Public Health Scotland.  Information about the register can be found at the CARDRISS website.  In addition, Public Health Scotland (PHS) publishes official statistics on pregnancy screening for Down’s syndrome, Edwards’ syndrome and Patau’s syndrome.  Relevant publications can be found at the PHS website. (From April 2024)

Learning Programme

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NIPT Implementation Event (18 February 2020)

Changing Policy

NHS National Services Scotland

David Steel, Programme Associate Director, National Specialist & Screening Services Division  

Down’s Syndrome, Edwards’ Syndrome, Patau’s Syndrome

Dr Rosemarie Davidson, Clinical Genetics, QEUH, Glasgow

Patient Pathways

NHS National Services Scotland

Dr Lorna Rashid, Principle Clinical Scientist, NHS Lothian

Evaluative Process

Information Services Division, NHS National Services Scotland

Catherine Thomson, Service Manager, ISD

Information for Expectant Parents – NHS Health Scotland Research: Establishing the information needs of pregnant women and their partners to support informed choice  

Rachel Bishop, Research Director, Scott Porter Research

Educational Resource to Support the Implementation of T13, T18, T21, NIPT and Twins 

Helene Marshall & Caroline Mearns, NHS Education for Scotland

Roles and Responsibilities… What does this mean for you?

NHS National Services Scotland

Lesley Mays, Midwife, NHS Tayside

SOFT: Parents Experience – Edwards’ and Patau’s Syndrome

Demi Powell, Support Organisation for Trisomy 12/18

DSS: Supporting You Supporting Parents

Jo Hughes, Down’s Syndrome Scotland

ARC: Supporting Parents Decisions

Karen McIntosh, Antenatal Results and Choices

NIPT in Practice

David Batty, Consultant Clinical Scientist, NHS Tayside