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We take a user-centred approach to the design of the Vaccination Management tool.

Changes and enhancements are iterative. We decide what to develop based on the direction given by the programme, but also from user-feedback. Your feedback helps us identify areas that need improvement or new features that are required.

Help us improve Vaccination Management
Screen shot of the top of the main menu showing the suggest an improvement link

On the main menu of Vaccination Management, there is a link named 'Suggest and improvement'. You can access this link while using the tool.

If you are using the app and think of something that might make it better please let us know using that link. The link will open in a new tab so you won't lose the work you might be doing at the time.

If you have an idea that would improve the VaccinationManagement tool you can suggest an improvement here (opens in new tab - Turas sign in required).

Technical issues

If you are experiencing technical issues with the application, use the 'Helpdesk' button. This button is displayed at the bottom of every page of the tool.