Vaccination data FAQs

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How frequently is vaccination data sent to the National Clinical Data Store (NCDS)?

Turas Vaccination Management tool continuously sends data continuously to NCDS. There is a 60 minute lag which allows a cooling off period for error correction. Albasoft are responsible for pulling data from NCDS to GP IT.

How can I resolve a vaccination record data quality issue?


The Vaccinator role can:

  • amend a vaccination record up to 60 minutes after completion
  • delete a vaccination record up to 60 minutes after completion

Records Manager

The Records Manager role can:

  • revise a completed vaccination record 
  • delete a vaccination record

For any data quality issue, the vaccinator cannot resolve this should be raised with your Health Board Vaccination Record Management team. If you need the contact details for your local Health Board Vaccination Record Management team send requests to

Can I retrospectively key a vaccination event?

Yes, it is now possible to record vaccination episodes completed at an earlier time. This functionality is available to the Records Manager and Vaccinator user roles. Accessed by selecting the ‘Record Retrospective Vaccination ‘ from the homepage tile.

Screen shot of the panel describing retrospective keying
How can we get management information reports?

Local Boards' vaccination coordinators have access to extensive vaccination data via views of the NSS data warehouse. The Turas Vaccination Management tool itself was designed to allow for rapid data collection. It does not provide users with any reporting capability. 

If you need access to any vaccination data outcomes, please speak to your local Board coordinator, or if needed you can email

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