My Clinic FAQs

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Why can’t I see my clinic listed on the My Clinic Page?

This either because:

  • the clinic has not been set up on tool
  • the clinic start date is in the future
  • the clinic end date has now passed, that is, the clinic has expired

Contact your local devolved Administrator to check the status of the clinic.

How can I see what vaccine products and batches are available for selection?

Prior to starting a clinic, it is recommended that a check is performed to ensure both the product and batches that will be administered will be available on the Turas Vaccination Management too.

As a Vaccinator, Registrant or Record Manager user you can do this from the Clinic Homepage:


Clinic Homepage - My Clinic Details


By selecting ‘My Details’ then ‘Details of My Current Clinic’

This will reveal the clinic details as shown in the screen below. The bottom half of this screen details the product and batches available on the system.

 In this example this is a COVID only clinic so will only show COVID products and batch numbers.

Clinic Details

The user can enter the Vaccine Type, Supplier, Product Name or Batch Number to filter the results.

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