Devolved administration FAQs

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Can I delete a clinic created in error?

Devolved administrators can delete clinics if the clinic start date is in the future. Once the clinic start date equals today or is in the past then currently it is not possible to delete the clinic.

For a more detailed description go to the 'Clinic Management' section of the User Guide

What are the different user roles and how are they managed?

There are 4 user roles associated with the Turas Vaccination Management Tool.


The Vaccinator role can:

  • register a patient
  • start a vaccination
  • carry out screening and consent
  • finalise a vaccination record
  • amend a vaccination record up to 60 minutes after completion
  • delete a vaccination record up to 60 minutes after completion
  • retrospectively key a vaccination record that happened at an earlier time

A Vaccinator role will need to provide their professional registration number on first use of the tool. Staff who do not have a professional registration can select the 'Not Applicable' option.

The Devolved Administrator within your Local Health Board can grant Vaccinator role access.


The Registrant role can:

  • register patients
  • view and remove people from the clinic list

They cannot start a vaccination or finalise a vaccination record. 

The Devolved Administrator within your Local Health Board can grant Registrant role access. They can also change the role of Registrant to Vaccinator. 

Devolved Administrator

The Devolved Administrator role can:

  • onboard users as either Registrant or Vaccinator within 'their' Health Board
  • grant existing users from other health boards access to 'their' Health Board
  • revoke (de-activate) user access to the Vaccination Management tool
  • set-up and create vaccination clinics

They cannot register a patient or finalise a vaccination record.

NES Digital System Administrator can grant Devolved Administrator role access. Send requests to    

Records Manager

The Records Manager role can:

  • search for a patient via patient search
  • revise a completed vaccination record 
  • delete a vaccination record
  • retrospectively key a vaccination record on behalf of a vaccinator

NES Digital System Administrator can grant Records Manager role access. Send requests to

Note: Local Health Boards are responsible for maintaining appropriate user access to the tool. 

Can a Devolved Administrator also have the role of a Registrant, Vaccinator or Records Manager?

In special cases, a user can have more than one user role. The Health Board's Delivery Lead can support these requests. Health Board Delivery Leads are also able to assign this authority to other people in their Board. 

NES Digital Helpdesk manages requests to make the role changes outlined above. Send requests to  

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