Project Planning

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Project planning comes after project initiation and should be informed by your project charter, communication and engagement plan and driver diagram.

Core Elements of Project Planning

Outlined below are some core elements of project planning that will support you to complete your project.  Each method is linked to a tool in the tools section at the bottom of this page.

Action Plan

Action Plan

An action plan is a robust plan detailing all the actions required to achieve project goals.It includes necessary tasks, and details who is responsible for leading these at the project level. It also describes the progress our plan is making.


Gantt chart

A Gantt chart is a visual timeline of tasks that will help a team to identify what should be done by when. The Gantt chart can breakdown specific tasks in line with the action plan and in conjunction with the project charter.


Prioritisation Matrix 

In any improvement project there will be several different change ideas which could help you to achieve the desired outcome.  Prioritisation Matrices help you decide which change ideas to test first.

Tools for Project Planning