Clinical practice pillar

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The learning activities in this unit are designed to support your learning through self-study, reflection or taught sessions. They can be used to achieve your learning goals set in your personal development plan, or something you want to do to prepare for developing your career.  

The clinical skills you use will be different according to your setting, your role and your experience and knowledge. There are three sections and a supporting workbook to record your learning in.   

Over three sections, we will introduce you to the knowledge and skills you need to:

  1. Define clinical skills and apply them safety within your role
  2. Understand clinical skills competency stages and apply them in practice 
  3. Recognise the influence of human factors on your clinical skills practice and the importance of reflecting on your clinical skills before, during and after the task

We have produced a guidance document with top tips to help you get started and navigate round the learning units. Download the guide 

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Access the learning units from the links below:

Clinical practice activities
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