Career pathways and qualifications

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Information around Support Worker (HCSW) career pathway options and qualifications, as well as how to use recognition of prior learning to support your development and HCSW case studies.

Career Story : David McLaughlin

Lack of support for dyslexia at high school meant learning was not a good experience for David. It was through caring for a relative that he found his way into care work, and from there to the NHS as a Healthcare Support Worker (HCSW). David now leads on education and development for HCSWs in Scotland’s largest health board, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, participating in a wide range of projects and advocating for improved access to learning for all HCSWs.

David states 

We make our own future and we achieve whatever we put our mind to

Watch David's video below.

Video transcript available on request -

As David discusses a more vocational approach to learning can be just as fruitful in your development and perhaps more suited to your learning style and needs. You should consider all options available and also make use of recognition of prior learning to evidence your previous experience.   

You can find out how another HCSW, Stacey, used RPL and work-based learning to support her carer progression on the RPL webpage.