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This learning and resource site is supported by NHS Education for Scotland Practice Education team (nursing, midwifery and allied health professions). On this site you will find information and resources that support practitioners to engage with supervision appropriate to the requirements of their profession and role.

What is supervision?

Supervision is a process of facilitated reflection to support learning and development for quality of care and outcomes. It provides practitioners with time, feedback and guidance, in a psychologically safe space, to critically reflect on and in, their practice. This in turn, empowers them to celebrate, learn, develop, thrive and innovate. 

Core functions are to support: 

  • continual professional development, with a focus on professional codes and quality standards 
  • development of knowledge, skills and proficiency for practice 
  • personal development and wellbeing; developing awareness and management of self 

There are several models employers can consider implementing and practitioners are encouraged to explore local guidance as well as the information within this site.

What can you learn here?

Find out how supervision supports practitioners to undertake their role safely and effectively. 

Learn about the knowledge and skills required to support effective supervision in practice and what resources are available to support development.

Access information about implementing supervision in practice; what’s expected and suggestions about how to approach it, based on research evidence. 

The restorative clinical supervision learning units can now be found on the nursing and midwifery education resource page.