Welcome to the clinical supervision resource. This resource has been created to support all registered healthcare practitioners develop relevant knowledge and skills for participating in clinical supervision. In particular, it has a focus on the restorative component of supervision.

Scotland’s Position Statement on supervision for Allied Health Professions (2018) states that all AHP practitioners, irrespective of their level of practice or experience, should have access to, and be prepared to make constructive use of supervision. The Nursing 2030 Vision published by the Scottish Government (2017) considers supervision to be an essential part of support for nurses, while changes to the regulation of supervision in midwifery (NMC, 2017) has provided the opportunity to adopt a refreshed approach to supervision in practice.

Clinical supervision resource
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The Clinical Supervision resource comprises four units.

Unit 1 is for both supervisors and supervisees.

Unit 2-4 are for those undertaking the supervision role (supervisors).