Mouth Matters

Mouth Matters seeks to promote oral health within the prison system.


Mouth Matters is an evidence-informed oral health promotion resource. It has been compiled under expert guidance and is designed to enable health professionals, prison staff and support workers to meet the specific oral health needs of offender populations in Scotland. Its overall purpose is to raise awareness of the key factors that affect oral health and provide core motivational interviewing skills that can be used to support an oral health brief intervention tailored to offenders.

Health Board Leads

Ayrshire & Arran:

Hazel Andrew    

01292 513999

Forth Valley:

Evelyn Kidd

01324 624000 (ext 3934)

Greater Glasgow & Clyde:  

Margaret Munro

0141 531 6604

Anne Muir

0141 531 8930


Moira Haston

01968 671522

Dumfries & Galloway:

Julie Hunter

01387 244036


Karen Tosh

01224 558524


Kirstin Edmiston

01463 253665


Brenda Hendren

01236 707711


Carrie Phillips

01382 432060