Children and young people

This page will direct those AHPs working with children, young people and their families and the wider workforce to information, resources and guidance for the people they work with and also to support their own practice.

Ready to act

Allied Health Professions (AHP) in Children and Young People (CYP) services have been involved in developing resources for CYP, their parents and carers and the wider workforce. These are developed by AHPs in CYP services and by the professional bodies, national groups or local services and departments. This section is not designed to take the place of these but to help signpost you to national resources which you might find helpful to support your practice during this time.  

The Scottish Government has a page which to support children, young people and their families. A COVID-19 page has been developed to provide specific information. 

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Resources to support your practice
  • The AHP Children and Young People Community of Practice on the Knowledge Network has a number of resources which can help support your practice or provide useful contacts. You can find your local AHP CYP contact by clicking on the map and you can also find uni-professional AHP pages on this site e.g. Orthotics.
  • This report explores the conditions required for the succesful implementation of the Effective Decsion Making Framework and demonstrates a commitment to changing the kinds of conversations we have when we ask each other for help (referral) and when we talk with people, their families and carers about what matters to them.
  • The TURAS Learn Coronavirus (COVID-19) site includes a section on managing the unwell child.
  • NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde’s Kids Independently Developing Skills (KIDS) site has a huge number of resources to support your professional practice. It also has parent and carer information and resources.
  • The national postural care group, supported by the Scottish Government, NHS Education Scotland (NES) and PAMIS, have developed a resource to provide practical help and guidance to those with postural difficulties. This resource has been further supported by an additional two COVID-19 guides: one for professionals, and  one for people and / or their carers. These guides are aimed at providing practical help and guidance on how managing posture can maintain or enhance respiratory function of those with postural difficulties.
  • You may be delivering your services remotely and you will find resources to support your practice here, which includes webinars where colleagues working with  children, young people and their families discuss how they are using Near Me to deliver services.
  • Check if your special interest groups have resources. Here are resources the Association of Paediatric Chartered Physiotherapists have added to their site.
  • Within the Women, children, young people and families section on the Turas Learn COVID-19 site, you will find a range of information relevant to midwives, health visitors, family nurses, school nurses, children’s nurses and others working with women, children, young people and families. Information and resources included are intended to support your practice in response to COVID-19
Resources to support families
  • Parent’s Club has lots of information and guidance to help people cope during this time.
  • AHP Children and Young People’s Services in Boards have developed websites, Instagram accounts and Facebook pages to host local information regarding access and support. You can find local information by clicking on the map on the AHP CYP Community of practice.

Here are some examples of websites you may find useful to direct parents to: 

The National Autism Implementation Team (NAIT) are a Scottish Government funded team of professionals, based at Queen Margaret University, from health, education and employment sectors who have considerable experience and expertise in working with autistic individuals of all ages, their families and others who support them. They have designed resources aimed at Allied Health Professionals (mainly Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language Therapists), who are supporting autistic children to be at home during the COVID-19 restrictions. The resources are parent information sheets with key messages alongside practical advice on how to support autistic children at home. This can be at first point of contact or alongside an Allied Health Profession assessment/intervention.     

For more information: 

  • You can visit the NAIT website here 

  • Contact the team for further advice by emailing  

  • Follow NAIT on Twitter @NAITScotland.

Other resources

NHS Education have collated resources for designed for Health Visitors, School nurses and others supporting families with children and young people. This document details signposts, information and resources it may be helpful for families and carers to access.