This module is for Health and Social Care professionals whose role involves helping people to make positive health and lifestyle related changes.

The aim is to make it easier for you to support behaviour change in your patients/clients. It provides a guide to structure your behaviour change conversations (the MAP model) and evidence-based behaviour change techniques (BCTs) which help people make the change.

***COVID-19 – Please note, this module was in use before the Covid-19 pandemic, so does not make reference to, or include information specific to the current Covid-19 response. 

However, the MAP Model and the techniques presented are relevant to all types of behaviour and can be applied by all practitioners while providing both Covid and non-Covid related care. For example, supporting people to self-isolate, engage in rehabilitation exercises, or self-manage health conditions or symptoms. Practitioners can also apply the learning from this module to their own behaviour, for example implementing new guidelines and processes, learning new skills, practicing self-care behaviours.*** 

The MAP of Health Behaviour Change: Helping people to make and maintain behaviour change.

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