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Death, dying and bereavement educational resources for health and social care professionals

COVID-19 resources

For information and resources on COVID-19, including those related to care around the time of death and in bereavement, e.g. confirmation of death and death certification, please visit the main Turas COVID-19 page.

Content catalogue

  • Before Death

    NES Grief & Bereavement resources concerning matters before death, including end of life care, patient and family support, and CPR decisions

  • At/After Death

    NES Bereavement resources and information on bereavement care for health and social care professionals, relating to matters at or after death, as featured on the Support Around Death website

  • Bereavement

    NES Grief & Bereavement resources for health and social care professionals concerning support for people who have been bereaved, including consideration for specific contexts and related matters.

  • Guidance for health and social care professionals on keeping well, particularly in the context of bereavement. Featuring guidance information and videos on stress, coping, and resilience, coping with and providing support around death and...

  • Death certification

    Learning materials to support death certification in Scotland.

  • Educational film resources

    Educational film resources for the training of healthcare professionals around issues of death, dying and bereavement.

Featured Content

Openly accessible, short animations with accompanying written materials, usable in a variety of teaching and learning settings

Key info for health & social care staff in Scotland on the clinical, legislative & practical issues surrounding care before, at, & after a death

This Charter, developed by organisations including NES, outlines what the best bereavement care and support should look like

Learning resources for healthcare professionals on confirmation of death procedures in Scotland

Learning resources for certifying and non-certifying staff in Scotland, including e-learning modules


Guidance on caring for LGBT+ people at the end of life or when supporting LGBT+ people around bereavement