Seasonal flu

Vaccine specific resources for registered healthcare practitioners relating to seasonal flu for adults, children, pregnant women and healthcare workers.

How do I know what learning is relevant to me?

This learning pathway resource will help you to identify the most relevant learning materials to your role within the vaccination programme.

If you are a returning vaccinator, you may find the self-appraisal tool useful to find out what learning is most relevant to your level of knowledge and experience. Those new to vaccination practice may find it useful to undertake the Promoting Effective Immunisation Practice programme for registered practitioners or for healthcare support workers.   

You can also follow the quick links below to take you to the pages for the Seasonal Flu eLearning resource and the NES proficiency documents. There are slides for trainers and facilitators that may also be of interest to practitioners and slides on seasonal flu in pregnancy that may be of interest to practitioners. You can access the learning you need to support your development.

The resources may be updated and  be subject to change. It is a good idea to check into the site regularly and make sure you have reviewed the most up to date version.

Vaccinators should ensure that they follow local educational and clinical governance arrangements in relation to knowledge and proficiency to undertake vaccination. 

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What's New?

Seasonal Flu Learning Resources - November 2021

The Seasonal Flu Immunisation resources have been updated to reflect the introduction of the QIVr vaccine to the Scottish Seasonal Flu Vaccination Programme.

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Updated Guidance on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), September 2021

A visor and fluid resistant surgical facemask (FRSM) must be worn by all vaccinators administering intra-nasal vaccines such as Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine (LAIV). The specified personal protective equipment (PPE) complies with UK infection prevention and control measures where it is anticipated that sneezing may be induced by this procedure. This additional precaution is recommended not due to concerns about attenuated flu virus being transmitted from a vaccinated person to a HCW but in the context of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic when the rate of SARS-CoV-2 virus circulating in the community is higher with possible transmission risk from an asymptomatic person during sneezing.

Flu eLearning Resource

We are pleased to introduce the new interactive Flu eLearning Resource.

This resource has been developed by NHS Education for Scotland in partnership with Public Health Scotland (PHS).

The resource is designed to support the following groups of staff involved with the delivery of the Seasonal Flu Immunisation Programme in Scotland:

  • New immunisers (both registered and health care support workers)
  • Returning staff (or redeployed staff) who may have participated in vaccination delivery previously but perhaps not for some time
  • Current, experienced vaccination staff

Flu eLearning Resource 

Seasonal Flu 2021/22

The CMO letters in respect of the 2021/22 Seasonal Flu Vaccination Programme has been published by Scottish Government.

Given the impact of Covid-19 on the most vulnerable in society, it is imperative that we do all that we can to reduce the risk of our vulnerable population from contracting seasonal flu. It is therefore essential that we actively encourage and support the population to receive the seasonal flu immunisation this winter. Delivery of the seasonal flu programme will protect those at risk, prevent ill health and minimise further impact on the health and social care sector

Please note There are changes in influenza vaccines that JCVI has advised for use in the different patient groups in 2021/22. There has also been an extension of the seasonal flu vaccination programme in Scotland to additional population groups.

COVID-19 Pandemic: For infection prevention and control measures please refer to current Public Health Scotland guidance  

To help support the seasonal flu programme a number of educational resources have been developed.

Practitioners should be aware that due to vaccine supply, the vaccines available for eligible groups may vary. Please refer to local and national guidance.

NOTE:  These educational resources continue to be updated as required to support this programme but do not replace the clinical judgement of practitioners.Practitioners should be aware that due to vaccine supply, the vaccines available for eligible groups may vary. Please refer to local and national guidance.

Training Slide Sets for Trainers or Practitioners 
Flu e-Learning Resource 
NES Proficiency Documents 
Seasonal Flu in Pregnancy


Seasonal Flu Immunisation Programme Webinar 230921

This webinar offers all practitioners an update on key messages/changes to the seasonal flu immunisation programme in Scotland 2021/22.

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