Seasonal flu programme

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Vaccine specific resources for registered healthcare practitioners relating to seasonal flu for adults, children, pregnant women and healthcare workers.

Seasonal Flu Vaccination Programme

The CMO letters in respect of the 2023/24 Seasonal Flu Vaccination Programme have been published by Scottish Government. To help support the seasonal flu programme a number of educational resources have been developed, these include an eLearning resource and associated proficiency documents for practitioners, a resource relating to seasonal flu vaccination in pregnancy and training slide sets for trainers and facilitators.

NOTE:  These educational resources continue to be updated as required to support this programme but do not replace the clinical judgement of practitioners.

23/11/23: The Green Book Chapter 19 was updated on the 13th of November 2023, the Seasonal Flu eLearning has been updated to reflect the changes, practitioners should refer to the current Green Book chapter for further details, if you wish to review the eLearning the system will require you to recomplete the module in order to review the updated content.

For current infection prevention and control measures please refer to current Public Health Scotland guidance  

Flu e-Learning Resource 

Four interactive learning units that can be completed individually to suit your individual needs

  • Unit 1: Seasonal flu
  • Unit 2: Legal aspects of vaccination administration
  • Unit 3: The Scottish adult flu immunisation programme
  • Unit 4: The Scottish child and school immunisation programme

Click on the Image for more information about completing the units

Training Slide Sets for Trainers or Practitioners 

Developed to support trainers, facilitators and experienced practitioners to update knowledge in relation to the seasonal flu vaccination programme in Scotland.

Seasonal Flu in Pregnancy 

An update for midwives and practitioners involved in the care of pregnant women.

Proficiency Documents 

Proficiency assessment documents should be used in practice with your supervisor/line manager and will allow you to demonstrate proficiency of both Flu immunisation and COVID-19 immunisation..

Seasonal Flu - Algorithm posters
Algorithm Poster

This algorithm details the appropriate vaccine for different eligible groups. Updated August 23

Seasonal Flu - Intra-Nasal Flu Vaccine Video

This short video demonstrates the correct technique for intra-nasal administration of the Fluenz® Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine

How do I know what learning is relevant to me?

This learning pathway resource will help you to identify the most relevant learning materials to your role within the vaccination programme.

If you are a returning vaccinator, you may find the self-appraisal tool useful to find out what learning is most relevant to your level of knowledge and experience. Those new to vaccination practice may find it useful to undertake the Promoting Effective Immunisation Practice programme for registered practitioners or for healthcare support workers.   

You can also follow the quick links below to take you to the pages for the Seasonal Flu eLearning resource and the NES proficiency documents. There are slides for trainers and facilitators that may also be of interest to practitioners and slides on seasonal flu in pregnancy that may be of interest to practitioners. You can access the learning you need to support your development.

The resources may be updated and  be subject to change. It is a good idea to check into the site regularly and make sure you have reviewed the most up to date version.

Vaccinators should ensure that they follow local educational and clinical governance arrangements in relation to knowledge and proficiency to undertake vaccination. 

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