Overcoming resistance to change [webinar]

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McCready, Gillian; NHS Education for Scotland (NES)

Who is this intended for? Managers and specialists who are leading or implementing change. What is the intention of the webinar? To provide an opportunity to explore the theoretical and practical aspects of resistance, and ways to work with it. This webinar will introduce you to resistance and its many disguises. It will explore the ways in which people express resistance to change, the challenges and choices that this presents you with, and how to get past the resistance and on to bringing about the change. What you will get out of the session? An understanding of how resistance can show itself. Acceptance that it is a predictable, natural and necessary stage in change. Practical approaches to help you explore and work with resistance. The session will run for 60 minutes. Resistance workshops Workshops building on this webinar are planned for November 2016. They will provide participants with further understanding and practical approaches to working with and overco

Published: 06/04/2017 00:00:00

Type: Webinar

Format: HTML

Audience: General audience