Approaches to implementation

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Implementation as a Series of Cycles

Implementation should be carried out using PDSA methods.We shouldn’t expect to see failures when we move to implementation.Implementation cycles usually require more time than testing cycles.

There are a variety of approaches to implementation depending on the complexity and the risks involved.The PDSA cycle is required for all approaches.

Three Implementation Approaches

“Just do it”

In some cases, the change idea may be so simple that to implement it the team should adopt the “just do it” approach. An example of such a change might be the implementation of a flow diagram for a new process. If the system is large /or the change is complex, one of the following approaches should be considered.


Business cannot just stop during implementation.Changes must therefore be implemented whilst the business continues. The new way of working needs to be phased in parallel to the existing system.Planning and phasing in the changes parallel with the existing system should reduce some of the risks and allow people to see how effective the new system is.


When the change comprises multiple components, sequential implementation of the various components over time may work best.A sequential approach should not be used if the change cannot work without all of its components.