Neurology Specialty Group

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Welcome to the Scottish Collaborative Access Neurology Specialty Group Home Page. Here you can find information about the work of this particular group, and track its activity through the Neurology Specialty Group Blog. If you have any enquires about the project or any of the blog posts, please go to the Scottish Access Collaborative Contact Page and email us direct.

About the Specialty Group

The Neurology Specialty Group, consisting of clinical, patient, managerial and planning perspectives, aims to collaboratively understand, address, and reduce the current waiting time on neurology pathways, improving patient experience and ultimately suggesting improvements for the services provided in the future. The specialty group will take a ‘design led’ approach, an approach that helps groups visualise complexities and, in turn, identify and implement meaningful clinically led and patient centred change. At the core of the sub group work will be three design led workshops, where the group members will develop the current pathway map, identify and priorities the challenges, and work with multiple perspectives to develop potential changes for the future.

The Approach

The Neurology SG is one of many SGs working toward systemic improvements for their pathways. What all the SGs have in common is a commitment to engage multiple perspectives and experiences of pathways into the work. Within this project, the innovative engagement of stakeholders will be a central component of the planned design activity. In order to identify the challenges and opportunities for improving waiting times, it will be critical to first explore and understand the current context. Having understood and visualized this it can then be used when validating the changes that are identified. Workshops such as the ones proposed in this piece of work are proven to generate a rich resource of differing perspectives to inform the co-design of possible innovations.

Phased Approach

After a phase of preparation, the Neurology SG will pass through four distinct phases of activity, collectively aimed at understanding what is happening now on neurology pathways, what the key challenge areas are, and what changes for the future might look like. The phases the group will go through are:

Map the Landscape

At the very start of the process, the group will work together to describe a common high level understanding of the current state. In doing so the collective will flush out and challenge assumptions being made within the group, and bring the focus on to an ‘end to end’ system understanding.

Ask the Right Question

In this phase the group will identify core areas to target using all the information generated on the Landscape Map. Key to this phase will be a set of challenge areas to focus on.

Sketch competing solutions

Once the Landscape Map has been agreed, and the core challenge areas prioritized, the group will focus attention on collecting ideas for solutions to the identified challenges. This may include new ideas, existing innovations or the application of an innovation in a new challenge area. At the end of this phase the group will have developed a set of potential solutions in response to the key challenges.

 Prioritise Solutions

The final phase for the group will be to dig deeper into the ideas from the previous phase to find the changes that would need to take place noting any repercussions (avoiding just shifting the problem).