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Care bundles

Introduction to care bundles and examples of the sets of practices which have been shown to improve patient outcomes.



Care Bundles

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI)  state "A bundle is a structured way of improving processes of care and patient outcomes. It is a small straightforward set of practices - generally three to five - that, when performed collectively, reliably and continuously, have been proven to improve patient outcomes."

Bundles used in the Scottish Patient Safety Programme
Other bundles

Other bundles are also available:

*Previously, Health Protection Scotland issued care bundles and associated tools to support NHS Boards (see archived HPS care bundles ). However although HPS will no longer be providing care bundles, these recommendations are aimed at updating bundles and other tools in use. NHS boards are encouraged to map the content of their bundles and tools against the recommendations presented here. They include key recommendations, literature reviews and links to further information.