Engaging and empowering the whole organisation

                         Engaging and empowering the whole organisation    

Communicate the vision to get buy-in

The time and energy required for effective vision communication are directly related to the clarity and simplicity of the message. The real power of communicating your vision comes from your guiding team having a common understanding of its goals and direction.

There are 6 key elements for your consideration to effectively communicate your vision:

  1. Keep the message simple and avoid all jargon
  2. Use a metaphor, analogy or example, as a picture is worth a thousand words
  3. Use every forum possible to constantly communicate the vision and spread the word; big meetings, small meetings, newsletters, formal and informal interactions
  4. Take every opportunity to repeat sharing your vision, ideas sink in deeply when they have been heard several times
  5. Lead by example and ensure your guiding team do the same; any inconsistencies in behaviour from important people will undermine what you are trying to do
  6. Be prepared for two-way conversation when people listen to your vision, it is more effective than a one-way communication
Create the right conditions to support true improvement

Any improvement is unlikely to happen without empowering and engaging local leaders.  To test whether the conditions exist to support improvement, all six questions in step 2 of ‘The 3-Step Improvement Framework for Scotland’s Public Service’ should be posed: