Developing aims

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Topics and tools to develop specific time-bound aims that will galvanise action, and develop a theory of how to achieve this that can be tested.

The Quality Improvement Journey

Why developing your aim is important

Developing your aim and change theory is an exciting and crucial step in the improvement journey which naturally leads on from taking time to understand how the system is currently performing. Teams undertaking improvement projects need to be able to articulate exactly what they want to improve, including what ‘better’ looks like (Aim) and how they think they will do that (Change Theory).  Once a clear improvement aim has been identified by the team they will be ready to develop meaningful theories and ideas for changes which can then be tested.

Watch the animation below for an overview of Developing Aims.

Topics in Develop Aim and Change Theory

Developing project aims

  • Why an aim statement is necessary
  • What makes a good aim statement
  • How to plan your aim statement

Developing change theory

  • Why a change theory is necessary
  • Driver diagrams

Content Updated August 2021

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