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Staff working at this level will lead improvement teams, and promote and facilitate improvement strategies across their organisation.

For managers coaching and leading teams to improve their services

The Scottish Coaching and Leading for Improvement programme (SCLIP)

SCLIP is a 4-month Quality Improvement learning programme. The target audience for the programme is core managers who are responsible for coaching and leading their teams to improve their services and helping embed improvement strategies within their organisation.

For Individuals who need in-depth QI knowledge to support others across their organisation
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The Scottish Improvement Leader (ScIL) Programme

The aim of the ScIL Programme is to enable individuals to:

  • design, develop and lead improvement projects,
  • lead and generate support for change, and
  • provide expert QI support and advice in their organisations.

It is aimed at people working in the Scottish Public Service in a role with a significant focus on quality improvement and dedicated time allocated to lead improvement projects. 

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The Scottish Quality and Safety (SQS) Fellowship Programme

The Scottish Quality and Safety Fellowship Programme (SQS Fellowship)  is a quality improvement and clinical leadership course managed by NHS Education for Scotland (NES), working in partnership with Healthcare Improvement Scotland and NHSScotland.