Scottish Improvement Skills : facilitator resources

A Quality Improvement Practitioner is in a leadership role in local improvement projects. Once you have agreed on a general project area with your manager and your project team, you will have the autonomy to influence the specific aim and direction of the project. 

Practitioners are not expected to coach and/or mentor people outside their own working context and project team.

If you have previously contributed to improvement work as a team member, to become a Practitioner you now need to build the confidence and skills to lead a local improvement project team. 

Scottish Improvement Skills: Resources for Facilitators

If you are an Improver with experience of training and/or facilitating learning interventions, you could use Scottish Improvement Skills resources to deliver part or all of a Practitioner level Quality Improvement education programme.  

Participants attending the programme will develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to initiate, plan, carry out and report on local improvement projects, and apply these to an improvement project during the programme. They will be able to select appropriate improvement science methods and apply them to improve the safety and quality of services. This will involve:

  • Designing effective interventions
  • Constructing measurement plans
  • Using key measurement tools
  • Communicating about their project work, including talking about project data, preparing standard reports, and celebrating success using a range of different media.

Resources are available here.

Scottish Improvement Skills: Find a Course

Scottish Improvement Skills (SIS) has been delivered nationally by NHS Education for Scotland since autumn 2014. SIS is a 6-month programme made up of 5 days of workshops and 3 online sessions, aimed at enabling people working in health and integrated health and care settings to lead, plan, and deliver local improvement projects. To support local delivery of SIS in response to stakeholder needs, NES developed a suite of training resources so improvement leads in organisations could deliver programmes locally to support capacity and capability building.

In response to emerging needs identified by stakeholders, from February 2017 NES will be testing the delivery and impact of two new Quality Improvement development programmes:

  • Scottish Improvement Foundation Skills – an eight week course delivered entirely in a virtual learning environment aimed at staff working across the public sector who will be core members of an improvement team.
  • Improvement Coaching Skills – a four month programme made up of residential and online sessions aimed at people working across the public sector who will coach improvement teams

Until these programmes have been delivered and evaluated no further dates for nationally led SIS programmes will be available. If you are interested in taking part in a local SIS programme please contact your local Quality Improvement Executive Lead or Patient Safety Programme Manager.

eLearning Modules

Note: e-learning on tablets

Please note that the Quality Improvement e-learning modules can be accessed on mobile devices. However devices may require installation of additional software to allow full functionality of the modules (e.g. Puffin app).


If you need any further information about Quality Improvement Learning resources, please contact