Each and Every Child - It's Time to Change the Story

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Webinar resources from the Each and Every Child - It's Time to Change the Story WCYPF Webinar, which was hosted on Wednesday 1st May 2024.  These resources will be available until Saturday 30th November 2024.

Webinar Details

Each and Every Child aims to build understanding and shift public attitudes towards care experience and the care system in Scotland. By sharing robustly tested framing recommendations, based on research into Scottish public attitudes conducted by FrameWorks UK, we can counter stigma and discrimination towards people with experience of care.

The webinar aimed too:

  • Outline the framing recommendations and the impact they have, with examples of how they can be used in practice.
  • Explore how the recommendations can support children’s rights and trauma informed approaches.


  • Michael Wield, Programme Officer
    • Each and Every Child
  • Claire O’Hara, Programme Director
    • Each and Every Child

Target Audience

Anyone who works with or supports babies, children, young people & families with experience of the care system.

This webinar was not recorded.


Presentation Slides

PDF copy of the PowerPoint presentation, which was shown at the webinar. Please click on download to view.

Each and Every Child - Additional Evaluation

The presenters from the Each and Every Child webinar have a separate evaluation for completing.  If you attended the webinar and could spare a further few minutes, please click on the link below to complete their evaluation.  Thank you in advance for your feedback.

Each and Every Child - Additional Evaluation