Down's Syndrome Scotland (DSS) - Supporting you to Support Parents & Carers of Children with Down’s Syndrome

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Webinar resources from the Down's Syndrome Scotland - Supporting you to support parents and carers of children with Down's Syndrome WCYPF Webinar, which was hosted on Wednesday 08 November 2023.  These resources will be available until Thursday 31st October 2024.

Webinar Details

The Woman, Children, Young People and Families (WYCPF) team at NHS Education for Scotland (NES) were delighted to host a webinar on Down’s Syndrome, offering an opportunity for CPD & collaborative learning. Join us to hear about issues affecting children and young people with Down’s Syndrome and support available.

This webinar aimed to:

  • Increase knowledge about Down’s Syndrome and associated health issues, characteristics and learning profile of someone with Down’s Syndrome
  • Improve awareness of the information, services and support Down’s Syndrome Scotland offer to families
  • Provide a greater insight of Down’s Syndrome from a parent of a child with Down’s Syndrome and lived experience of a young person with Down’s Syndrome


  • Varshali Swadi, Professional Engagement Lead, DSS  
  • Parent Volunteer Speaker

This webinar was not recorded.


Presentation Slides and Video

PDF copy of the PowerPoint presentation, which was shown at the webinar. Please click on download to view.

Words Matter

Video shared during webinar.

Additional Resources

PDF resource documents to view or download

Additional resources as mentioned throughout the webinar. Please click on download to view.

Useful Links

Please click on the links below to access the following online resources:

Baby Booklets (Booklets can be downloaded)

Expectant Parents

New Parents

ABC Communication Group

Local Down's Syndrome Scotland Branches

Many children, including those with additional needs and disabilities do not show the signs that families have been encouraged to rely on to know when to start toilet training.  Not showing the signs does not mean your child cannot toilet train.  Rather than waiting for your child to appear to be ready to toilet train, it is recommended that you start to teach your child the skills that they will need to use the potty or toilet as early as possible.  This will mean that your child is not expected to change their routine of using a nappy as they get older, which they may find difficult.

Toilet Training for Parents and Carers

Visit the website do2learn and you will be able to print out lots of picture cards to use with the child . You can share them with the nursery, so they are using the same for consistency. Visuals will help the child understand the steps.

do2learn - Visual Resources

Further Teaching Sessions Available