Patient Safety Zone

Patient Safety educational scenarios

Different types of (NES) educational resources - from courses, learning networks, educational research and technical skills development - contributing to making healthcare safer.

Patient Safety Education Scenarios

These scenarios are also multi-purpose: and can also be 'stand alone' learning resources for a specific patient safety tool, and mostly enhance access to patient safety approaches and educational resources, contributing to patient safety.


Patient Safety Information leaflet and briefing PDFs

  • Patient safety education scenarios ( Download, 930 KB)
  • PSMG briefing/update for NES-Partner patient safety education scenarios ( Download, 138 KB)

Patient Safety / HAI Focus

  • Prevention and management of pressure ulcers (Jul 16) ( Download, 2 MB)
  • Antimicrobial stewardship (Jan 2016) ( Download, 2 MB)
  • Health protection scenario : improving patient safety through promoting effective immunisation practice (March 2013) ( Download, 470 KB)
  • Clostridium difficile infection (CDI) ( Download, 596 KB)
  • Good health records management (May 2012) ( Download, 344 KB)

Other NMHAP Focus

  • Improving patient safety through the effective practitioner initiative ( Download, 418 KB)
  • What are mandatory induction standards for healthcare support workers? ( Download, 244 KB)

Flying Start NHS Programme

Flying Start NHS is the national development programme for all newly qualified nurses, midwives and allied health professionals, to be undertaken in the first year of practice. It’s designed to help support the transition from pre-registered student to qualified, confident and capable health professional. The programme supports learning and development for all newly qualified practitioners working in all sectors and settings across Scotland.

If you are a newly qualified nurse, midwife or allied health professional and want to start your Flying Start NHS learning journey, click here.

Other Clinical Focus

  • Improving patient safety through promoting care of the acutely ill or injured child or young person ( Download, 256 KB)
  • Stroke competency toolkit framework (SCoT) : making care for stroke patients safer ( Download, 295 KB)
  • Improving patient safety through stroke training and awareness resources (STARs) ( Download, 233 KB)

Various Workforce Network Focus

  • Improving patient safety through quality management of postgraduate medical training ( Download, 312 KB)
  • Scottish Patient Safety Programme Fellowship ( Download, 485 KB)
  • Patient safety e-learning: raising awareness ( Download, 859 KB)
  • Importance of interprofessional learning (IPL) for patient safety ( Download, 439 KB)
  • Enabling “Age as an Asset” in the South East Scotland ( Download, 818 KB)
  • Scottish Practice Management Development Network (SPMDN) ( Download, 219 KB)