Cultural Humility

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Cultural humility eLearning
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This eLearning module has been designed to support the development of positive cultural humility values, attitudes and behaviours in the health and social care workforce in Scotland. This is an important introductory learning resource for building a culturally humble workforce.

Cultural humility is the practice of self-reflection used to consider how our backgrounds and the backgrounds of others can impact our relationships. Being culturally humble means being aware of social power imbalances, biases, and respecting other’s values. This resource helps us to begin the journey of developing a cultural humility mindset through being open to what we haven’t learned yet, embracing continuous learning, and promoting equity and inclusion across health and social care.

The module explores experiences related to race, ethnicity, language, age, gender, religion, values, and beliefs which have been shared by health and social care professionals working in Scotland.

By the end of this resource, you will be able to:

  • understand the concepts that underpin cultural humility 
  • identify the key behaviours for developing an inclusive workplace 
  • apply a reflective approach aimed at transforming practice in health and social care.

The module also includes a resource pack of further activities which can be used to guide further learning within your team.

Cultural humility acknowledges that nobody can ever fully understand or master every aspect of a culture, and it encourages a lifelong commitment to understanding and respecting others' experiences, values, and worldviews.