Getting Published Month 2023

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A series of learning looking at all the aspects of getting published. Starting with publication and research ethics all the way through to authors experiences.

Publication Research and Ethics

Your research plan is the foundation stone for getting published. Ensuring that this plan is ethical and in line with publishing policies and standards from the start will remove potential roadblocks when it comes to getting your paper published. In this session, you will learn some of the key elements to consider when planning your research and how reproducibility and Open Science practices can increase your research's visibility and citation. 

•    Understand common pitfalls in publication research and ethics and how to avoid them.
•    Discover more about reproducible research and how to design a research plan with reproducibility in mind.
•    Learn about ethical data sharing and how to prepare for sharing clinical data.
This session is suitable for all engaged, or interested, in research and publication and particularly those with an interest in reproducibility and Open Science.

What's it all about? The publishing process and what to think about

The purpose of this webinar is to give an overview of publishing- why publishing and disseminating research in medical journals is important and the impact of publications. The session discusses the different types of publications, the roles of editors in the publication process and the criteria that editors consider in manuscripts. Tips and advice on how to prepare an article before submitting to a journal are also provided.

Finding a home for your paper: Choosing a publisher and journal

This session provides an overview of how to write a research paper using the IMRaD structure and how to select a journal to publish the final manuscript. Topics include research and publication ethics, reporting guidelines, peer review systems, the Impact Factor, and open access vs. subscription journal models. The session includes a number of practical tips and tools that should make writing and publishing research articles easier for authors.

Copyright in NHS Scotland

This 20 minute session covers:  
- What is copyright and what does it mean for us
- Staying within the law
- Copyright exceptions and licencing
- Special considerations in creating training materials

What is Open Access?

This 30 minute session covers:
- What is Open Access publishing
- Changes to the publishing landscape
- Implications for getting published
- Support available from Knowledge Management and Discovery

Beginners guide to referencing and plagiarism

This 30 minutes introductory session covers the basics of plagiarism and referencing including:
- What referencing and plagiarism are
- Why it is important to reference
- The basic concepts
- Referencing styles
- Things to remember when writing
- Introduction to reference management software

Getting the best out of RefWorks

An informative RefWorks reference manager tool session which review features and highlight new additions. This session is suitable for all user levels. We will ensure to review more advanced features for those who are already familiar with RefWorks. 

The authors view: General discussion panel session

General discussion and panel session looking at key points, top tips, and other considerations.
Paul Bowie, Jean Cowie, Laura Beaton and Leanne Nicklas share their knowledge and expertise in getting their work published.