LEiC Education and Development Framework: Self-Assessment and Action Planning

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To guide personal and professional development, review the LEiC Education and Development Framework capabilities and associated key knowledge and skills to identify your current knowledge, skills and level of confidence in each. There is no requirement to address all capabilities at one time, you may wish to prioritise one or two depending on your own learning and development needs.

Possible ways to use the resource
A diagram showing a possible process to use the framework. Review the capabilities, assess your confidence, assess your development needs, develop a learning plan, record you learning in a portfolio

You could use a traffic light system to consider your level of confidence and any development needs for each capability

Require education, learning and development relating to most or all of the capability - RED

Require education and development relating to some aspects of the capability - AMBER

Are confident already and can effectively demonstrate your knowledge, skills and performance relating to the capability - GREEN


We have provided a template of the full LEiC Education and Development Framework with a traffic light system in the Self-Assessment section below

Self Assessment and Action Planning

Think about your personal and professional experience, reflect on your own attributes, what do you do well already, what could be improved, and how might you go about it?

Plan your learning, what activities can you undertake to gain confidence and effectively demonstrate your knowledge, skills and performance for this capability?

Where you require education and development relating to most, all or some aspects of the capability, discuss these with your mentor/coach/line manager to agree a Professional Learning and Development Plan.

The LEiC Education and Development Framework Self-Assessment allows you map your level of confidence against each of the capabilities.

You may wish to complete all or part of this reflective template.                                 


The Action Plan template allows you to consider your self assessment and develop a learning plan based on any indentified learning gaps.

You may wish to include some of the resources mapped to a specific capability or via the resource page.


Self-Assessment and Action Planning Examples

To support you using these development tools we have included exemplar of the self-assessment and an action/learning plan



Recording Your Learning

You are encouraged to use the Professional Portfolio to support your individual learning needs assessment and to demonstrate existing and any new evidence of your learning and development

The Professional Portfolio has been developed to enable NMAHPs to generate, record, reflect upon and share evidence of their learning and continuing professional development. This evidence can then be used as part of appraisals, career development, programmes of learning and for relevant regulatory purposes.