Breastfeeding and Medication

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Webinar resources from the Breastfeeding and Medication WCYPF Webinar, which was hosted on Wednesday 28 June 2023.  These resources will be available until Monday 30th September 2024.

Webinar Details

Supporting a mother and baby breastfeeding when they are taking medication can be complex. An increasing number of mothers and health professionals are looking to find information on how medication passes to babies through breastmilk. This includes prescription medicines, aesthetic medicines, and illicit drugs.

This webinar aimed to reduce some of the misconceptions and enable colleagues to:

  • Provide information to families on the safety of both prescription and non-prescription medication during breastfeeding
  • Identify sources of information to support practice

This webinar was facilitated by:

  • Gayle Anderson
    • Advanced Pharmacist Practitioner - NHS Grampian

Presentation Slides

PDF copy of the PowerPoint presentation which was shared on the day of the webinar.

Recording of webinar