Mental Health

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The Mental Health pathway has been developed to support mental health service users to submit clinical outcome measures digitally which would enable clinicians to monitor patient treatment and further recovery.

The pathway helps patients to submit information to their mental health professional and answer to simple questions about their health and/or clinical measurements.

Mental Health Service

We hope clinicians and patients find the Inhealthcare Mental Health Service simple and easy to use, helping people to get the most appropriate type of treatment and service provision.

The Inhealthcare system allows patients to interact with their mental health professional as part of their treatment programme and monitoring responses over time will help to give them a better understanding of care is progressing and to discuss any changes in their management plan with the mental health service team.

The Remote Health Monitoring Onboarding Process guide supports clinicians to onboard patients to the Inhealthcare remote monitoring Mental Health Service.

Although developed for patients, these resources are useful for clinicians supporting the use of the Mental Health Service Remote Health Pathway:

The General Patient Information Leaflet for Mental Health helps clinicians explain to patients what is Connect Me, the benefits of the service and how it works.

The Managing Your Mental Health at Home guide explains the 3 steps to using the Inhealthcare Mental Health Service automated monitoring service.

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