Office 365 / Turas single sign-on

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Video guides detailing how Office 365 account details can be utilised for single sign-on with Turas.

Single Sign-on Guidance Videos

Turas 365 overview

This video provides a general overview of how (and why) to sign in to Turas using your Office 365 details.  

Updaing Turas account email addresses

This video is for the small group of Turas users who are administrators of My Turas/Dashboard.  It provides additional information about managing users who have linked their Turas and Office 365 accounts.


Users with multiple Turas accounts

Some users have more than one Turas account.  This video explains the error message that users in this position will see when Turas finds more than one possible match when trying to link a user's Office 365 email address.  There is also guidance about how to contact the helpdesk if you find you're getting this error message.

Expedited sign-up for new Turas users

There will be a small number of staff who join the NHS after we make this function available.  Rather than creating a specific set of Turas credentials, they are able to quickly register for, and sign in to, Turas using their Office 365 details.  This video shows how that process will work.


Guidance for Turas Appraisal admins

In this video, the team explain some small changes that have been made to the user administration function within Appraisal.  This function is only available to administrators of Turas Appraisal.