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General Practitioners and GP teams are expected to take part in Quality Improvement work.

•  GP trainees need to complete QI work as part of their Work Place Based Assessments 
•   Qualified GPs need to complete QI as part of their appraisal.
•   GP Clusters are expected to engage in peer led QI activity within and across practices.

Improving "Quality"

Improving ‘quality’ can mean many things. It can mean improving the safety, effectiveness, efficiency, patient centredness or equity of our work. It can also include improving the well-being of team members, reducing everyday work hassles and making work better.

Quality Improvement involves reflecting and evaluating on current work using a specific method leading to change

For some, involvement in QI can seem like extra work in an already busy day. Many of us are changing and improving ways of working and may not realise we are already doing QI. We have developed some resources that we hope will make it easier for busy professionals to use to either direct QI work or to write up work they are doing.

Quality Improvement Activities

Quality Improvement Activities (QIAs) are activities that involve using a specific method to reflect and evaluate current work resulting in the implementation of changes.

  • Qualified GPs must complete a QI activity each year of their appraisal (Multi-Source Feedback and Patient Satisfaction Questionnaires count as a QI activity in the years they are completed).
  • GP trainees are expected to complete a QI activity during each year of their training. During their first 6-month GP placement (in GPST1 or GPST2) they complete a QI project (see below) and in that year do not need to complete an additional QI activity.

Quality Improvement Projects

Quality Improvement Projects (QIPs) involve testing and implementing changes while collecting data.

  • GP trainees are expected to complete a Quality Improvement Project when they undertake their first GP placement inn GPST1 or GPST2.
  • GPs may complete a QI project as part of their work which would be excellent work to include in their appraisal.
  • GP clusters will often collect sequential data as part of larger QI projects.

The QI zone has numerous emodules and handy resources for effectively using QI tools during a project.

This online learning resource includes several short videos that describe each part of the QI project and the different QI tools that can be used. A QI project planner can be completed while watching the videos to generate a QI plan.