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You've mentioned that the course is aimed at those at Heads of Service level, will you consider applications from those in lower-level management?
The Digital Health and Care Leadership Programme (DLP) is aimed at mid-management. Recruitment for Cohort 20 will open in January 2023.  The DLP supports ambitious and experienced health and care professionals to develop their leadership skills and influence digital health and care in their organisations. More information about this programme can be accessed here 

Do candidates need to sign up for the full duration now, or would it be possible to do year one and part way through decide to enrol for year two?
You can sign up for any length but we will confirm this with you once you are on the programme so we can plan on a yearly basis.  Please note that you can only 'progress' to the diploma year if you passed the 60 credits needed for the Certificate.

What is the price for Year 3 if only Years 1 and 2 are being fully funded?
This will be the standard university fees for a Master’s year at the time of study – the current cost is £6035.

How is the teaching delivered?
Is it combination of videos, live online classes, reading academic papers, etc.?
This is an online programme so we will use a number of channels to support learners: Video, discussion broads and real time sessions through an online portal. It is very much self-directed.  There will be two in person sessions per year - the launch event on the 21 March 2023 is in person. There will a big emphasis on peer support groups which is a great way to learn about others and other systems and get the support you need. At a master’s level programme, the expectation is for you to support other learners.  We will give you the tools and mechanics to share your learning and capture reflections throughout your journey. 

Do you have a list of executive sponsors that can sign off on this programme?
Due to complexity across sectors, we do not hold a list.  The executive sponsor would be the CEO or the most senior person within your organisation.  There is a section on the application for your sponsor to complete.  

As a GP, where should I seek executive sponsorship?
You would need to seek sponsorship from the medical director of your local health board.

Does your previous experience have to be in health?
No, it’s about you and the role you can play in your current organisation.

Where can I find more detail including the learning outcomes covered for each module included in this programme?
These will be available on Turas in the very near future.  We are hoping to share full details of the academic content and learning pathway after 6th December.

If you are on secondment, would you need CEO sponsor from your host and seconded board?
We would encourage you to speak with both organisations.  CEOs will want to support individuals; however, it is important that you discuss this on an individual basis.

Is there a rough guide of how many hours of study would be needed for each year of the course?
This will vary week to week and be different for each learner - a good estimate would be circa 10 hours per week. Learning can be varied and is not always being sat in front of a computer screen, learning can take the form of reflection or work-based activities. 

Can you do this while competing the DLP
These two programmes are aimed at different target audiences.

Will the 60 be selected based on a mix of disciplines - NES, NHS, care, third sector, etc.
Individual applications will be considered on their own merit, but we do hope to have a mix of disciplines and sectors on the cohort.

Will the application be considered on a digital transformational initiative or inspiration that can support us leading/transforming in health and social care.
You can find more information about the application process, including guidance, here The panel will be looking for a track record of leading digital initiatives as well as what you want to lead next using the skills, knowledge, and networks you will build during this programme. 

Can you tell us more about the in-person events?           
The 21 March will be all day event including a dinner in the evening with wider UK and international digital leaders. The second one might also be an all-day event and possibly overnight – we think it is valuable to meet up in person and this has been a key piece of feedback from those who completed the UK Digital Health Leadership Programme (UK Digital Academy).

I work in a Care charity would this be considered as an appropriate background?
Yes, most definitely

Will this programme be available to start in future years?
At this time, we cannot say as the demand and outcome is currently unknown but we hope to run future cohorts.

Will the Digital Health and Care Leadership Programme (DLP) be a requirement to enter into this programme?
No, it is not a requirement but would be highly recommended for anyone without that initial experience in leading digital transformation

Is there a cap on number of candidates per board within the 60 funded applicants?
No, we would hope to have people from a range of sectors and geographical areas but obviously recognise that Edinburgh and Glasgow are the largest populations.

How much time should an applicant expect to allocate towards the course per week?
This is in line with other master’s level study - the rough rule is between 8-10 hours per week but this will ebb and flow depending on which stage of the module/course you are at – this is important to negotiate with your sponsor to ensure you can do this.

What study support is available?
Edinburgh University provide a lot of additional study support sessions from our Institute of Academic Development (IAD). This will be part of the induction for all learners and will be signposted.  https://www.ed.ac.uk/institute-academic-development

I have previous experience with remote monitoring of cardiac patients. Is remote monitoring an aspect of future digital aspirations for emergency patients pre hospital?
Remote monitoring is indeed an example of a technology - this programme will introduce you to a range of others too.

How are the modules assessed? Exam or course based?
This short video provides a great overview of how you will learn online and and how you will be assessed.

For the sponsor can it be Director of Digital or is it to be from the service/clinical side?
We would suggest asking both to support you.

How can I join the Scottish Digital Health and Care Network?
This network uses M365 Teams - you can request to join the 700 members already there and may help you make links and see what's happening. Use this link  to join.