Application Criteria

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This senior level qualification is targeted at clinicians and non-clinicians working in any health or care settings (including housing, charities and third sector) in Scotland.  Applicants should:

  • Meet the academic requirements for master’s level study or have 3-5 years relevant work experience
  • Obtain the support of an Executive Sponsor from within their organisation or system
  • Be empowered to apply learning, behaviours, and new skills to their organisational setting
  • Commit to attending and participating fully at live and virtual learning sessions
  • Have a demonstrable commitment to embed learning for the strategic benefit of their organisation or system, and to the professionalism of the workforce

The qualification is targeted at individuals who are operating within a context or role where they are required to drive and implement practical digital transformational change within their organisation or system.  Those who can demonstrate their ability to lead local digital transformation and aspire to be a systems level digital leader will also be considered.  Applicants will need to evidence this in their application.

To be eligible to participate in this programme you must currently work in a health or care setting (including housing, charities and third sector) in Scotland. 

You must also meet the academic requirements for master’s level study or have 3-5 years relevant work experience and have support from an executive sponsor in your organisation. 

For information on relevant work experience please refer to the table below.  For this masters level programme candidates should be operating at level 3 and above.  For those candidates currently at level 1 and 2, please consider the Digital Health and Care Leadership Programme as a possible alternative.


Do I have to commit to the full three years right from the start?  No - You can exit at the end of years 1 or 2. Provided you have successfully completed the relevant modules, you can graduate with a Certificate or a Diploma.

What if I sign up for the Certificate but want to continue? If you have successfully gained the required credits, it is very easy to progress to the next year. Just get in touch with NHS Education for Scotland by email at

What happens if I need take a break for unforeseen reasons?  You have the option to interrupt or extend your period of study; however, this will be dependent on whether the programme is extended beyond the first cohort. It is vital that you contact the team as soon as possible to discuss.

What if I can't complete the programme?  If you are only able to complete some of the courses, any credits you have gained will be kept on your record and may be considered by other institutions as 'recognition of prior learning'.

If you leave employment in the sector before completing your course of study or do not complete the course of study agreed, NES reserves the right to reclaim the fees from you.