Collaborative leadership in practice

This part of Leadership for Integration is aimed at groups of health and social care professionals who are working collaboratively on the delivery of locality-orientated projects that support integration. We will work with you to provide the most appropriate support for your group and your integration project.

Participant feedback

Feedback from evaluation of over 30 full CLiP sites across 21 health and social care partnership areas point to:

  • a greater willingness to recognise and explore individual and group assumptions
  • greater honesty, less defensiveness and open acknowledgement of fears or anxieties
  • greater confidence amongst GPs and other practitioners in talking to patients and referring them to other services, including non-clinical services

CLiP has helped us all to get the imagination going. We share more and are more open. We’re not assuming so much about each other. We’re not assuming that the other person understands our work. And when we do this, the ideas get better. It’s small-scale, but it’s what we can do.

East Kilbride, CLiP
What's involved?

Collaborative Leadership in Practice offers tailored support to enable groups or partnerships to lead collaboratively and move forward effectively with a particular project or issue that supports health and social care integration. Projects can relate directly to Local Delivery Plans or may be evolving from other creative and innovative approaches to health and social care integration within localities.

The programme provides support for a period of up to six months. During this time, we will work with you as you design and develop your integrated services by:

  • supporting you to develop skills for effective collaboration
  • giving you supported time and space to work on the actions, challenges and opportunities within health and social care integration
  • helping you develop and apply skills, knowledge and understanding of relevant issues in leadership, change, systems thinking and co-creating the future

The flexibility of the programme means that the Leadership for Integration team can co-design and co-facilitate the most appropriate support in consultation with each group. Approaches can include team coaching, appreciative inquiry, workshops, action learning and facilitated meetings within localities. We will work with you to provide the most appropriate approach for your group and your integration project.


Applications have now closed for CLiP sites this year.

Support has been allocated on the basis of:

  • a mix of primary health care and social care partners
  • a clear focus or specific objective for the locality
  • readiness to start straight away
Leadership for Integration Evaluation

Evaluation Documents

Leadership for Integration is showing to be an effective way to support health and social care integration in Scotland. The programme’s success is reflected in the following evaluation documents.