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WELCOME to the NHS Scotland Academy site for NMC OSCE Preparation for Educators.

Nurse with patient in bed
Midwife auscultating fetal heart
Mental health nurse

Increasing our understanding of the international nurse or midwife journey and NMC OSCE preparation should have a positive impact on our relationship building, encouraging understanding and compassion during what can be a particularly stressful time for International Nurses and Midwives. 

These resources are designed to support Educators develop awareness and understanding of the rigorous assessment processes applied by the NMC for international nurses and midwives gaining registration.

The modules should help to build confidence in supporting candidates with their OSCE preparation, through improving understanding of the Assessment, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation processes, through becoming more familiar with the clinical skills requirements, and through facilitating non-technical learning opportunities, such as SBAR communication and documenting care plans.  

The modules include resources to help prepare nurses and midwives for NMC OSCE. These can be used as individual components or brought together to run a full preparation programme with a mock exam. There are also some top tips for Educators conducting NMC OSCE preparation, such as:

  • What environment factors do I need to consider?
  • What staff resource do I require?
  • How many learners do I require to run a preparation programme?

These considerations will help to inform what best meets the learners' needs for OSCE preparation. 

eLearning modules

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