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The NES Human Factors Team worked in partnership with colleagues from around the globe in the following areas to support health and care staff respond safely and effectively to the ongoing demands of the COVID-19 pandemic.

MRI Safety
Barbara Nugent quote with image of MRI - Countless MRI projectile incidents will continue to occur across the globe. Each of them could be prevented..

In a joint collaboration with the NHS Education for Scotland, Health Education England and UK MRI professional organisations, the first online MRI safety module, ‘Managing Patients Undergoing Anaesthesia in the MRI Unit’, has been developed. This resource is aimed at MRI staff working with anaesthetic teams and the unconscious patient. This resource is suitable for a range of personnel, including radiographers, radiologists, physicists, clinical scientists, trainees and other associated relevant staff.

MRI Safety Module

The module offers fundamental MRI safety knowledge and helps to develop professional expertise in MRI safety hazards and risk management. It also specifies MRI safety guidelines and legislation. Staff undertaking the module can record it in their CPD portfolios for professional accreditation and regulatory (HCPC) CPD purposes. It directly addresses the MHRA recommendation that an MR unit should maintain a list of all MR Authorised personnel together with full details of their training and certification. Link to module: 

Scoping Review of Human Factors & Ergonomics Issues, Interventions & Resources in Primary Healthcare

To read or download the Executive Briefing and Final Report commissioned by Clinical Human Factors Group, please select the links below.

image of report
image of report
Oxygen Safety at Patient Bedside and on Hospital Wards
Oxygen safety at patient bedside info download

by Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors

Vaccinating a Nation: Ten Human Factors and Ergonomics Principles
Vaccinating a nation cover

by Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors

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