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Human Factors/Ergonomics (Safety Science) e-module

Target audiences:

-          Undergraduate faculty and students

-          Postgraduate faculty and trainees

-          Governance, risk, safety, improvement advisors.

-          Scientists, engineer, technicians, architects

-          Digital IT, Automation, AI specialists.

-          Board members

-          Human Factors academic course leaders and students.

-          Anyone who is curious about the Human Factors discipline.

Discuss the use of Human Factors as a ‘way of thinking’ about everyday work and how it relates to health and social care. Think about how Human Factors can improve the performance and well-being of people (patients and staff), teams and organisations by design and an integrated systems approach. Plan to use Human Factors to help with your safety challenges. Co-produced by NHS Education for Scotland and Loughborough University.

Integrate… the module within existing training curricula, educational programmes and taught courses.

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Facts about Human Factors

In this brief guidance, a series of Ten Facts about the ‘true’ purpose and approach of Human Factors & Ergonomics in Health and Social Care is outlined and a few unfortunate but common misunderstandings are corrected.

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Facts about Human Factors

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